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Windows Vista Games

On one of the Google Groups I am in, started a thread on gTalk, but has changed to the advancement of the Windows Operating System. I haven’t been following the thread close, but one of the guys posted a review of the latest version of Vista by Paul Thurrott.

Anyway in one of his reviews, he talks about the games that are included in Vista. Although Paul’s screen shot of the revamped version of minesweeper looks bad ass, there is something that kind of made me confused. Mircosoft has added a new game to the system, Shagnai Solitare. I know this game as Marjohonn (spelling), infact I have two different versions of the game. It was also a shareware included on old school Macs, but once again same name.

Now I wasn’t up for reading the article at this moment, but I am hoping there is a reason that Microsoft has named this game Shagnai Solitare instead of the name I am familar with. I hope that Microsoft isn’t trying to say they have created this game themselves.

I had more to this post last night and hit refresh accidently, but couldn’t catch it. I didn’t want to retype it then. Now I can’t think of what I went onto say.

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2 Responses

  1. The tile matching game that you’re referring to is actually known by a few different names. One of which is ‘Shanghai Solitaire’. Also known as ‘Solitaire MahJongg’ or ‘MahJongg Solitaire’. Rest assured MS wouldn’t try to lay claim to have created such a game.

  2. Yah yah ok

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