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Hospital Magazines

I just got home from the hospital a bit ago, it was a check up for what happened back in June. To sort of do a quick overview, I started to see stars/flashes of light, I got worried, and went into the health clinic on campus. They had no idea what was going on, so I was taken to the Emergency Room at the University of Washington Medical Center. I was there roughly 8 hours.

Today, I go and check in, then sit down. The nurse said I had a 10 or so minute wait. I go sit down and grab a magazine…a National Geographic. After flipping past a full page ad, I noticed that it was quite pixelated. I checked the cover, and its dated 1992.

I am interested why a hospital would have a 13 year old magazine out to look at. Yeah most people aren’t too picky about their reading material when waiting, but why so old?


2 Responses

  1. Hi!

    Randomly surfed on and noticed you were a like-minded major in political science and thought I’d say hello. So HELLO :o)

    Crisa, Sydney

  2. LOL, Hello Crisa,
    Thanks, Stop by again soon

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