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Been a while

For the past few days I wanted to blog about some things, but I just couldn’t. Mainly due to time. I start an entry and realize that I have to run to class or something. Another reason I held back was because I was fusterated about some stuff and wanted to get out.

I held back mainly due to the fact that it could bite me in the ass and I don’t want to deal with it. I read things that you shouldn’t taklk about really in a blog.

Yeah, I suppose I can add a password to that entry, but who knows who would want the password. Then again, I could mark it private, but meh I just feel odd doing that.

I am beat so I am off to bed. I stayed again an hour over at work. I heard about the new developments in the research that everybody that I work with, except me, is part of. I could go on about the pro’s and con’s about not being in this research group for a page, but anyway…the research is making Tactile Graphics faster to create. Tactile Graphics is what blind people to use to look at pictures and graphs. A pretty simply one, can take me roughly 30 minutes roughly to make. The research has created a small program that made 15 images , well, they weren’t embossed, in 25-30 minutes. My boss and I nearly died after we saw this. We watched something that would take me an afternoon to complete, to be done in 30 minutes.

Of course, within minutes we were saying what was needed next and so on.

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