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Second Day of School

I meant to blog yesterday, but just didn’t get around to it. Anyway here it goes. Yesterday was the first day of my fourth year. I may as well as say it is my first. I think I actually get to start my degree this year. I am taking Macroeconomics and a Political Science course.

I am pretty excited for the Political Science course. The instructor seems pretty excited about the course. I asked him a simple question and he said he’d e-mail me the answer. So thinking that I would never get the answer, I just went on. Well while I was checking my email at work, I saw that he had sent me my answer. I got a three paragraph essay practically.

I was quite shocked, and now want to kick ass in there. I also ran into my friend Grace, a real sweetie, we plan to hang out. Today was a long day, so that’s all I have, I am beat.

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