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Work: My Last Day

Well, the day finally has came. My last day of work has came, and is dragging on slowly. Various people were saying since last week how they were saying how they’d get a lot of the people to go to lunch with oppose to the normal 5 or 6 of us. I was like fine fine if you want. Before I left last night I was told by the guy,who wanted to put this good-bye lunch together, that it was still on.

Every Wednesday, I have a team meeting that lasts till about 11. Today, it ran over till 11:40. Knowing that I was like the guest of honor, I ran out of the room once my boss said that’s it. I swung by the cafeteria and didn’t see anybody that I usually did so I headed upstairs. Nobody was up there, I was like what the hell. So, began to eat when I got to my desk. When I was about three-fourths of the way done, somebody came by asking to eat. I of course was like I am just finishing.

In the meeting, my boss mentioned that there would be cake or something from 1:00 to 1:30. Around that time, I checked the area where it should of happened. Not a person in sight, thinking this is great, I head to my desk. Finally, around 1:45 people not even on my team, showed up at my desk.

Then, shortly after eating, until literally a minute before I had to go catch my bus, I was checking for my boss. When somebody stops working their supervisor has to do this check list…one of the biggest things on there is that you forget about everything regaarding your position. Having done it last year, I knew it takes around a half hour to do. Finally, just before I had to go, I found somebody that sits near my boss, gave them my ID, my door opener, and told her how to get intouch with me, and that was it.

Unfortunately, I felt as though I slipped in and out of my position this year.

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