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Second Day at School

I moved into my dorm yesterday. I think it went fairly well. The box that has my power bars in them. Luckily my sister was planning to come up sometime Monday. I am quite glad about that. One of the boxes I left at home has all of my towels and such. This morning I got to drip dry.

Unfortunately, I did something fairly stupid… instead of going to a computer lab and downloading a virus patch to my USB pen drive I just connected to the University of Washington network without doing anything first. I did check around though and contacted the Computing & Communications Department. They told me that I would be covered and wouldn’t get any viruses. They were wrong. I was almost instantly attacked. And am trying to fix it. But no luck so far.

What it does, is create a memory leak after I try to start Firefox. But if I don’t attempt to load it, it runs fine. Which confuses the hell out of me.

Although I struggled with that most of yesterday afternoon, there was some good that came about. Bekah … and her boyfriend came up yesterday night. We went out to IHOP. Luckily IHOP is one of the places that accepts the food card from school. I have no cash and am still waiting on a new ATM card because of this. I had a pretty good time, hopefully it will happen again soon.

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