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New Yahoo Mail

I heard that Yahoo ! is releasing a new version of their email. It mimics Outlook I have heard. Ah the originalness. But it isn’t too public, only high use email accounts are getting them. Heh I maybe have sent three emails from the account since I have had it. Ok, that is a bit dramatic. But basically no e-mails from it.

Anyway I just read a quote that makes sense, but just made me laugh after the first read.

“It’s a really fast experience moving through your e-mail. While you are composing one message, you can click on the ‘inbox’ tab and go into your inbox to read another message.”
  -Ethan Diamond, product director for Yahoo Mail

Ok, It is not funny, but I honestly don’t see many average users doing this. I sometimes open an e-mail other than I am reading to reference to it. But actually I don’t do that too often.

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