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This morning when I got up I had one of those oh shit moments. Today is the last Sunday home from school. It’s pretty sad because I didn’t even talk to anybody in person from about 8 or 9 pm on Friday till about 8:20. Well, a friend called once last night but that was because she didn’t want to use aim on her phone and she was drunk. So that conversation lasted like five minutes. I heard her say I am drunk like twice, heard people laughing in the background, and then she passed her phone to her friend. The friend tried to act sober. Yeah that didnk’t work to well.

It just makes me think sometimes if I will ever find anybody. Earlier in September, I contacted the girl that I predominately liked in grade school, junior and senior high school. I listened to my buddies all through those years saying you don’t want her and such. I think a lot of that was due to the fact that she got straight A’s and would be a little upset when she wasn’t the top grade. Usually when she wasn’t, yours truely was. 😉 And she hated that even more…

So sometime in high school, I decided not to try anything behind my so-called friends back, I made a plan with myself to just let it go and catch up with her a few years in or just after college. Well, I am starting my fourth year of school, and I figured it was time…My timing was both perfect and not at the same time. She just started her final quarter of school last week. The bad timing was that she told me that she had celebrated her one year anniversary with her boyfriend. I met the guy like two weeks ago at dinner. Her and I never got to talk like we said we would.

On Thursday or Friday I e-mailed her and asked if I could see her again before I head to school. Well, waiting in my inbox when I got home from work, was a note saying she just started school again and already swamped. She said that she will try to come up and seem me at school in like a month or so. From then on I just had a feeling that this weekend would turn out bad.

I started this post at 8pm last night, but didn’t feel like completing it. I just got around to it. That’s why some of the tenses are changed.

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2 Responses

  1. Keep your head up. Don’t let the thought of or lack thereof of relationships get you down. I think it’s safe to say that the greatest relationships are created when least expected.

  2. Yeah thanks bro, it just sucks when you are just wanting somebody…anybody and nobody is there

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