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Cell Issues

So back in the early months of 2005, I helped out a friend by paying her cell bill for a few months. March through May, in June she had gotten enough money together and such, so I stopped doing it. Later in July, after a fight she saw that it was still deducting from my account. Said that Sprint must have set up an auto-payment setting. So I said ok don’t worry, don’t pay me back, just have Sprint not have my card as the payee.

I figured all of it was settled. So we went our seperate ways and figured all is well. Nope! The other day I checked my account and around the amount I paid the last time I made a payment. So I gave my bank a call this afternoon and asked about this amount. They said it was from Sprint. After try calling them, and getting absolutely no place, I tried calling my friend. Either she had her number changed or she lied to me. The woman that answered was like this is Jack’s cell I am his mother. I find this sort of weird because we talked on the phone in June, just before I left my dorm room. So that was three months ago. If she had cancelled her plan and changed her number, I would figure that Sprint would have like a six month period untill that number was re distributed again.

I ended up just going ahead and cancel my card. Now it isn’t as bad as it sounds. On the bank card there is a sixteen digit number associated with it. By what I did, all it does is change the last two numbers on the card. My account is not touched at all. The only thing is that my bank card is useless, but I can write checks and get money directly from a bank. The service agent said I should get a new card within 10 business days. That means I will have it when I get back to the University of Washington. Luckily, there is a branch like 3 blocks off campus, so I had the guy mark to mail it there instead of my parent’s house.

All this has done is just made me that much more of a hard ass about my money. Also my abilty to trust people is also lowered.

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  1. […] Although I struggled with that most of yesterday afternoon, there was some good that came about. Bekah … and her boyfriend came up yesterday night. We went out to IHOP. Luckily IHOP is one of the places that accepts the food card from school. I have no cash and am still waiting on a new ATM card because of this. I had a pretty good time, hopefully it will happen again soon. […]

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