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CSS Woes

So last night I started playing around after thinking how I bought Studio 8 yesterday afternoon, and just messing around with first Fireworks MX then Dreamweaver MX. After makin a basic header banner and started messing around in Dreamweaver. I had in mind a totally centered page, with an 800px header image and the same width body following.

body { background-color: #CCCCCC
.unnamed1 {
width: 800px;
.helper { text-align:center; }
.unnamed2 {

This bit of code should be able to create a layout with a heather grey background. Then a red heading and the main body of the white, all centered. When the CSS is applied in this way (helper, unnamed1, unnamed2), this layout she work. To my amazement, it works exactly this way in Internet Explorer, but not Firefox.

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