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Preparing to Merge Part II

A continuation from this post.

So I am looking through one of the Google groups that I am a part of and kind of went duh after reading this thread, but particularly this reply post.

In the previous post I quoted a guy who wrote on a newsletter that Fireworks may be one of the programs that is on the chopping block after the merge. But as I was reading, Macromedia already has spent time and money on upgrading Fireworks to have bundled into Studio 8. The new bundle is supposed to be available here in a few days.

The products that are coming in Studio 8, are making me think hard about upgrading. The main thing that is making me thnk is the fact that Contribute will now be included. Contribute is mainly for a group environment from what I understand. It allows people that don’t know how to code to enable them to be able to modify a website. Since I know how to code and I am thr only one that updated my webpage, why would I need it?

One product that really makes me think is FlashPaper 2. From what it looks like to me is another PDF viewer that is based on Macromedia’s Flash application, and is an alternative to Adobe’s commonly know Adobe Reader and Acrobat software. I am not too Knowledgable about FlashPaper, but it certainly makes me think about the merger that is supposed to happen. Maybe this was what made Adobe to buyout Macromedia? Since Adobe is known mainly for Acrobat and Reader, would a PDF reading and creating program light a fire to Adobe to take over their top competitor and still be on top for PDF viewers?

One thing I am most interested in is the accessibility of this FlashPaper software. PDFs are notoriously known for their lack of accessibility, basically not allowing screen readers for the visually impaired to read the information in the PDF. But this is getting better, allowing PDF authors to make it accessible by themselves instead of having to have somebody do it. Flash, also is nortorious for inaccessibility also. So making a program that chunks together PDF and Flash does not make me sit all too easy.

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2 Responses

  1. You seem to have strong opinions about FlashPaper. We love the product, and pursuing a startup that allows users to publish documents online using FlashPaper. We organize the documents in sort of a YouTube kind of way. You can see it at the following link:


    I would love to know what you think of the concept. Thanks!

  2. Trip,
    The site looks good, I am pleased that the default is plain text, that seems like it would be the most accessible. One thing I would be concerned about is plagrism.

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