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Pure Floyd

As I sit here thinking about bed, I realize that I have come to the last song of Pink Floyd in my playlist and sit back in awe. My complete day was filled with this band nearly. I will say about 80% of my day was. I have every album of theirs, except the collections, because I find it quite silly to waste space on literally duplicate tracks in a mixed order.
My collection of Pink Floyd is 16 albums, totaling 155 tracks and just over 13 hours of play time. I had people cringe at the fact that I had Pink Floyd playing. But nobody realized that I had them playing all day long. I find that Pink Floyd is really easy to just play as background music. Often times I found myself humming or singing along at times.

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3 Responses

  1. I love Pink Floyd. As a matter of fact, my old online name was ILuvPnkFlyd. I abandoned it after people told me that it was a guy name. Even got accused of lying by several when I said I was a girl. Apparently Floyd is a band for guys? 🙂 I love listening to Floyd as background music. It can either put me in a mood, or get me out of one, but one thing is for sure… Floyd is great mood music either way.

  2. I still remember putting the Wall into my discman, and not being able to do anything but listen to it, until it got over a few years ago. Man I love them!

  3. Hi heatheranne-
    That is kind of funny about getting called a guy. I find that the time just flies with them on.

    The Wall is how I got into them. A buddy used to play disc one with playing video games, and I ended up buying it.

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