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9-11: What’s our role?

This morning while I was making the post on Pink Floyd, I kept seeing that the timestamp would update. I kept eyeing it…The September 11, never set in to the date. Then as I was browsing it set in, it is 9/11, some say it was the day that the world stood still.

I remember either pulling my shoes on or finishing up breakfast and hearing mom saying “What the hell happened?” I assured her that it was maybe a mistake, and explained how that if the controls went dead the airplane could have done basically whatever until it crashed into something. I went on doing my routine for school, and while I was brushing my teeth I heard her scream. So I came out of the bathroom to see if she needed some kind of help. At that time the Today Show was reshowing video of the second plane hitting.

I don’t really most of that day for week really because it was completely filled by this. I do remember having an extremely long first period, I want to say that the principal of my high school wanted us to stay in our classrooms till instructed. I forget if this was that my high school had a bomb call and that was the reason we were instructed to stay in our first class. For me, this was the perfect class. It was Honors Contemporary World, so we sat around discussing world issues. There was two other engineers along with myself. We tried to calculate the chances that the Twin Towers would fall. I think we collectively agreed that the structures would stay standing for a number of hours.

What Now?

As today is marking the fourth anniversary since the attack happened, what do we do now? Is declaired a day of mourning? A day that the Department of Homeland Security raises the Homeland Security Advisory System to the highest level? Or will it be one of those days that a very large number of people remember and don’t think about?

I think that we should not dwell on the past and move on. If there is some sort of holiday/memorium or whatever, it should be for only the ones that tried to do something on the planes. If we gave a holiday, or whatever it may be called, to those in the actual towers, it will we be sort of a bump in our holidays really.We have holidays like Veterian’s Day – where it is to people who went to war, President’s Day – past presidents of the US who bettered it, and so on. I will garentee if a number of people in the Twin Towers that day, or the day before, got a creditible call saying the Towers are going to be hit, those buildings would have been into like a ghost town, something like less than 5 percent of normal amount of people in them.


Michael Moore’s letter:A Letter to All Who Voted for George W. Bush from Michael MooreI got this from Heather-anne
We will always remember
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