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Preparing to Merge

Back when I heard that Adobe and Macromedia were going to merge, I became quite disappointed. Being a Macromedia user since the late ’90s, I have only used their products. Yesterday, the two companies’ stockholders approved the merge, and people are now seeing which software programs are on the chopping block. One is one of my favorites and Photoshop’s top competitor, Fireworks. This is what was said at SitePoint.com:

Macromedia Fireworks: Macromedia’s original Photoshop competitor — xRes — died young, but taught them that pale imitations of established products will almost always fail.

With Fireworks they took a left-field approach – completely disregarding the normal boundaries segregating vectors and pixels – they produced (IHMO) a fast, effective and easy-to-grasp ‘specialist web graphics’ program. The fact that it’s been bundled in with two ‘web industry standards’ since birth hasn’t hurt its take-up either.

I think it may survive. But it will probably come down to how hard Adobe wants to work. Photoshop’s *superb* print graphic abilities are actually a handicap to web-centric designers — why would you want to wade through menus on LAB color, Duotone, CMYK and Pantone CMS, when everything you export is RGB and 72dpi?

If Adobe were willing to look at marketing 3 or 4 ‘job-oriented’ software bundles (Web, Print, Video, etc.), Fireworks would be a natural fit for a ‘Web design starter kit’. This would leave them an up-sell to Photoshop and InDesign for print work down the track.

Of course Adobe could just take the ‘buy Photoshop or nothing’ approach — it’s going to be hard to argue.

As a daily user of Fireworks, I really hope not.

The other products that were mentioned are: GoLive and Freehand. The newsletter can be read here.

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3 Responses

  1. I sure hope Fireworks does not die. I have been using it for graphics since 1999, Fireworks 4. I now use MX 2004 and I love it. I would hate to have to use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, especially considering I never “learned” either of those programs because Fireworks was always perfect for me.

  2. Same here, I took a class in high school using FW4, but ended up dropping the class. I picked up a copy of FW back then, then I bought FW MX two or so years ago, and love it.

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