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[Blogger] So…

Today was a hell of a day. Pretty freaking long. But this made me chuckle I didn’t read the story yet.

I also made a LiveJournal to read people’s and stuff. Add me if you want, I have to run…


2 Responses

  1. Howdy, it’s Amy.
    Livejournal looks way better than this dude!!! what are you thinking.

  2. how do you figure? LJ give’s little customization beside’s colors. I can hand code this blogger to be the same as your LJ in a short amount of time, myself, and I can’t even set a font size, color etc. Maybe you have more options as a pay account, which why would you pay for stuff you get free?

    Yeah ok LJ has those groups and stuff. But you can set up that also here…

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