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[Blogger] This is a test

Just seeing how the update by email feature works…



4 Responses

  1. hey fool, i didnt copy your template…i’ve had this one up and running for a while. and i’d stay out of my blog, there are some hateful people in there that will come after you, for no reason at all. you’ve been warned…..

  2. That’s lame…but the thing about your template, was a joke.

  3. i know! i was just giving you a hard time too. the “fool”, was like “hey foo (minus the ‘l’ when you actually say it) i didnt mean to sound mean! i’m a nice person, just the people who lurk in my blog tend not to be!

  4. ok, ok, I wasn’t quite awake when I read/replied this morning! Do you know who those people are? You should IM me sometime…You also never did tell me why you took me off of facebook.

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