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Stupid Issues

So, I am on Spring break, but the day that I was glad to not deal with anything related to school is Friday. Just as I was heading out to work and I get an email that basically said:

I did two jobs this morning and I entered them in the winter excel file and I also saved them in the ELP folder. So what you have to do is move the files out of the ELP folder and move them to the spring folder, and also move the text from the excel file.

This was from the other guy that I work with. What I do at work is produce Braille for the University of Washington. We sort of have a crazy way of organizing, well not really just by department. But the email and the attatched document gets moved three times before I get to look at it.

Since it is the end of the quarter we move all the stuff for the quarter that just past into one spot and save it. What that email says is that my co-worker, did two jobs (printed two documents in Braille), put them in the Winter files and it was my responsibility to sort it out. I replied with “and you couldn’t do this because?” Sadly my very mature co-worker replied with “Time” pasted about 100 times, yes literally 100 if not more. I lost count after 10 rows of ten. He was just sending this out as I pulled into work.

I asked him why he didn’t move these things and put the other stuff in the excel file. He went onto this hole ordeal about he was doing these two documents and they kept him so busy. These documents were 60 and 100 pages long, the 60 takes around 15-25minutes to emboss. Knowing the print time I didn’t quite follow the logics of him because you only need to check every 10 minutes or so. Finally I said fine I’ll do it, and fix everything. This has happened two times in the past. So I started re-organizing how my co-worker said my boss wanted it. Half hour later my boss walks in from lunch and I am like look this is what’s going on, what the hell do you want it to be looking like? After almost an hour of fixing, moving and sorting I got it how it’s supposed to be.

Let me know if y’all want to see the e-mails going back and forth. I think I shut him up because he gave me an one paragraph e-mail about ethics and I shot a page long one back at him.


2 Responses

  1. See now that wasn’t so hard was it? I’d hate to work with people like that. My co workers ( which will be my staff this summer.. muahahha promotion) are excellent! I loooove em!!

  2. No it wasn’t…I would do a line or two and get distracted

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