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Long Fusterating Day

So, Friday night I went to the house for a LAN party, headed over there about 7:15. It was a total mess setting up, and everybody online. The night was sorta ok. It was supposed to start around 8pm but started at around 10 due to technical difficulties. Of course I was the only person that got “this is why we told you to be early” comment. Ok, I thought showing up 45 minutes early to get 3 or 4 games loaded was good enough. Hey I was only the third one to show up out of 15 or so people that ended up coming. I just thought that that was interesting. Around 2 am my laptop freaked out and was basically dead for the rest of the party. I worked on it there from 2-5 off and on but got nowhere. We finally called it good at 8:10-8:15 am. I was home by 8:25 and in bed at 8:30, and thats the last time I saw on my alarm. Yup that’s right up 24 and a half hours.

So I got up at 2pm determinded to get my computer back up and running again. The hours flew by, at 8 I was stressing because I just was getting nowhere. Fusterated, I tried uninstalling this program that I tried earlier but my computer kept freezing. Well as a last effort I just hit uninstall and decided to just walk away. Well I happened to have checked it and it finally uninstalled. It only took two hours to uninstall instead of the 5 minutes normally. After that I had some more messing with it to do. So at 10 I thought that I was good.

But nope, Windows Explorer automatically crashed after start up. Really upset now I changed a few more things and bingo things booted up properly. So I click to check my mail and such and says no connection. Thinking what the hell I reset the connection, still nothing. After 45 minutes I realize the IP address is still set for the house, I tell it to redo for the connection here at school. And that was my day


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    Xbox is better

  2. Umm you need to update again 😛

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