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Uh oh

I am just here at work, pretty bored. I got a huge file a bit ago to Braille. After I told it start printing as Braille and the program that I use locked up and slowed the computer down. This is quite crazy because this computer has a 3.40 Ghz processor and 3.00 Gb of RAM. This should make the computer unstoppable, but it froze. I think I know the reason why it froze, although this is a crazy cpmputer in terms of speed and such, the way which the computer sends information to the embosser is an older method. So the computer was forcing the printer to read more than it could.

Luckily nothing got lost. The document was 70 pages long when printed in Braille. I kind of feel sorry for the person because the oringal document was only 22 pages.


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