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Lately, I have been just trying to survive. The workload is kind of killing me. I am trying to take no so many classes in winter. I have an appointment with an adviser in MGH tomorrow to settle it out. Tonight I am going to finish the reading for English. But the past few days I can only read a page or two before stopping. Unless I am totally understanding the author wrong, he says you get the disability I have after autism. Well, autism starts a year in or so. And my disability happens at birth or a person gets a hardcore blow to the head. So, I would like the author to explain that one. I contacted my prof about this inaccuracy and she said that potion of the book was relayed to him by an autistic person. BUT if you wrote a book and were reporting something, wouldn’t you get more than one source?

I am currently working on learning a new program at work, so I can be the specialist for it. I made it about a third of the way through the manual, the manual is only about 525 pages. WOO…That’s all for now


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