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Just thought I should lay down a blog, plus also I am bored. Later on my dad is picking me up to go to his house for dinner. After that we are going to my grandma’s to have some cake and ice cream. Tomorrow is actually her birthday, but I have no idea why we are doing it tonight then. That’s just how my family thinks. I heard about it Thursday night, but just found out the plans this morning.

I think I wanted to post some stuff a few days ago, but I forgot to. I heard some really funny news stories this week, but didn’t want to go online and look for them. One of the funniest was the people that make “Slip ‘n’ Slide” are sueing the makers of the new movie that David Spade is in, for not asking to use their product in the movie. What’s next? Honda is going to sue another movie because the movie has that cars blown up? And they’ll sue because it shows that that car can be blown up? Most people don’t carry that much power in their pocket.

Another thing is that I realized is that this Christmas will suck. If you think about it, the third Lord of the Rings is coming out. But also I think the third episode of Star Wars should also be coming out. I think Episode II came out the summer before the first Lord of the Rings did, but forget when I heard the final one was coming out. But if it is this winter it will be very interesting.


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