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This week went by fast. I got my haircut Wednesday, Dad came and picked me up. That was good because I haven’t had a decent haircut since this time last year. Today, Ben drove down to my house in Bonney Lake. It was nice to see him. About 45 minutes after he got here I knocked my glasses off, and he steped on them! I have knelt on a pair before and Fred Meyer fixed them. So, I’ll go a day or two without them. Hey I got glasses in 7th grade and didn’t start wearing them until a month after I graduated high school. Ialso have another pair in one of the boxes of stuff I have from school, so I can wear those.

I am just sitting at home being a bum. Next week I am going to start going over Physics, because I am taking 121 this fall but never taken any physics in my life. I can’t wait to get back at school, but I don’t want the workload. I think I’ll play a game on my laptop (Diablo II:LOD) then off to bed. See y’all in three weeks, unless you pay me a visit in Bonney Lake. Pz


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