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New Look

There isn’t too much going on here. Actually Sunday afternoon I totally shaved, including my full goatee. I am not sure why exactly I did it. My mom I think was bugging me some about it so I just decided to. I didn’t trim it all summer, so it was 3 or 4 inches long. I look really weird and different. Most of the people that read this just met me this year, so you don’t know how I looked before. This Christmas would have been my 3rd year with it, I started it just before Winter break in my Junior year of High School.

I am going to clean shave for this week or most of it, then let the goat grow again. I didn’t know how much it was part of me, so I will always have one. Probably more controlled than it was this summer. Well, going to go to bed here in a minute…

When summer started, Ben was saying how he wanted to go back already. Now that I have been home for a week I want to go back also. It is just boring here, and I get annoyed almost dialy. But if I paid the $850 or whatever to stay the interm period, all I would be doing is going to the IMA probably everyday and sleeping. So, I don’t know…


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