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Not Happy

I am sick of people showing favorites. This guy in my Math 126 class is, just yea. (I don’t know what to say without being to too harsh.) But the word that I really want to say is dipshit, but you didn’t hear that from me. The first day he seemed like a cool guy, but by the end of the first week that he wasn’t. I sit in the front row because it’s easy for me to park there but also let alone I am also half blind kind of plays a small key. I don’t know if it is just me, but I think that there is something going on between him and the teacher (she’s only 25). Almost everyday she has a bag of chips and only offers him one nobody else. Today, he came in all pouty and nearly in tears, and when the prof came in, in front of the whole class, says “I got you e-mail [Name], I am soo sorry.” Then he went on for a few minutes on how he is getting a cold and stuff. Meanwhile on Friday, the prof e-mailed me about how the class was going, and stuff. I replied back to her right after and then also sent another part this morning around 8 AM. Hmmm isn’t that weird how she didn’t even look at me during class. In class today we also had to do the Teacher Evals and when [Name] was done he announced that he was “filling up his water bottle”, but somebody saw him just sitting outside talking with the teacher. Well, going to fold the rest of my laundry.


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