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Post: 8-18-2005

Today was hotter than hell, or thats what I thought. I went to OUGL for a few hours, got a little done. Then met up with one of the guys that I was assigned with for the last CS project…We sat there kinda getting no where and then my other partner e-mailed us the code completed…
I am going to start studying for finals…yay. I don’t know which I am looking more foward to; getting out of my Steven’s Court appartment or going home. Most of the guys from my High School are already about to start school…at WSU. A month of just sleeping and eating will be great. I know that the weather better be like this or I’ll be pissed. My great-grandma lives on Lake Tapps (about 2 blocks away), so I am going to be driving over a few times. But the thought of me getting in and swimming again is quite amusing…Lets see here…my freshman to my senior year of High School I swam a little over a half mile once or twice a week, then my first year here …nothing! WOOHOO!
I am going to fold laundry, jump in the shower, and then bed. Any takers?? FOR THE FOLDING LAUNDRY PART ONLY!


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