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This summer has been flying by so fast, is that good or bad? Today I got to go
to my high quality wheelchair company this afternoon. I went back in November,
and got new batteries, an armrest, and a joystick. When I was there then, I also
said ‘hey, look at the battery charger’, the lovely guy was like ‘oh, no it’s fine, your batteries were bad’. I knew that was a lie, but didn’t want to get in a fight with those idiotic people. So, from then on I was plugging it in for around 10 hours, oh by the way it’s an 8 hour charger, but remember that it was perfect. Then once, I believe, they asked if I was plugging it in properly. It’s not to trivial, take the normal plug-in push it into a wall socket, and the other end into the chair. OH, don’t forget the all complicated task of moving the switch from OFF to ON. hmmm hard? Many areas to screw up? Yea, ok,sure.

  So, what made me call in last Thursday was on Wednesday night I
plugged my chair in around 9:30 PM and didn’t touch it until 10:15 AM Thursday
night. That’s almost 13 hours and it was only half way full. Today, I am like
‘look, my charger is messed up, it’s supposed to be an 8 hour charge, I plug
it in almost nightly for 10 hours, and it’s half dead by 5 PM.’ FYI-I am supposed to go roughly 15 miles per charge. Their first question, was about my batteries, and of course didn’t believe me and had to do this stuff to "verify". In the end they said my charger wasn’t functioning properly, WHOA NO WAY. How weird, I was right? hmm. So, I ended up getting a new charger and new rear wheels,purty.


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