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Wow…It has been a while since I said anything on this, but who really looks, LOL. So I have been doing the same stuff really, homework, eat,sleep, try to stay cool. Right now, it is only 84° in my room right now. Not too bad right? So far the elevator here in Steven’s Court hasn’t broke down for a few days now. Which is surprising, but I am glad though. But when I tried coming back from dinner tonight, the elevator over in Terry wasn’t working. But at least I can drive around the building there to come back to my room.

   I meant to post it, but anyway the 4th of July sucked for me. I almost got hit with a big firework. I am not talking about a Roman Candle, but a 20 shot, 5 lbs firework made by Black Cat, this thing shoots off pretty good sized mortars, and somehow it tipped over and shot all directions. Luckily, I was one of the people that was at our gathering that didn’t get hit. Another thing that happened was my Dad’s girlfriend tried to prove me wrong on something about the computer…bad idea.

   I have just been doing homework and stuff all day or at least
trying to…


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