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This week went pretty fast. I have just been just trying to with the heat and the loads of homework. Nothing really happened this week. I got to go to the housing people everyday to see if my food money has came in, not yet though. On Monday my note taker for both math and architecture dropped the class. My note taker for arch came in later though that day. I don’t really need notes for arch though. It took only three or four e-mails and that same number of calls to get her to come in. Also on Monday I got to talk to the guy from DCMA and when I sent him my resumé; he really liked it. But I may not get to work for them until the year because the summer internship/job thing only lasts until the beginning of September. One of the people that works there is trying to see if I can be used for summer and carried over to the regular year.
If that is the case and I get to work during the year, they mentioned it may be a full-time job after I graduate. Oh darn! Yesterday morning I an e-mail saying send in your CSE application, well see I looked at it online and I guess I automatically get entered in a database, then the lady asked why didn’t I submit one because I am eligable. But then she saw that she looked at the wrong person. Oh well, I am going to in Winter ’04.
PS- To the guys here at the UW, ?Drumheller has been on everyday this week can you imagine that?

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